Maria and I first met in a Monday morning sales meeting in Banner Street, London EC1 back in July 2011. After several months of resisting her advances 🙂 we started dating and four years later I asked her to marry me at the lighthouse in Fanari, Kefalonia in August 2015.

Manta says ‘yes’ . . . .

On the night of our engagement I picked Maria up just before sunset and took her to the lighthouse at Fanari. It’s a beautiful spot to watch the sun go down, looking over the water to Lixuri on the West side of the island. We were very lucky that evening to have several moments to ourselves as Fanari can get quite busy with tourists and photographers that that time. Despite my sunglasses blowing off into the water pretty much everything went to plan and thankfully the Manta said ‘Yes’.

The lighthouse in Fanari where Maria and I got engaged

We will get married at Archangelos Church in the village of Valsamata on 20th August 2016 and hold our reception at Mythos, a special wedding venue in Travliata. For our friends & family that are based outside of Kefalonia we wanted to give you as much time as possible to decide whether you will be able to join us – so whilst your formal wedding invites are being printed we will use this website to give you information about things to do and places to stay in Kefalonia. Prior to the wedding it will allow us to give you an last minute updates on timings or meeting places. Please feel free to post & comment on this site and we look forward to your R.S.V.P.

Maria & Ed